2020 Club Schedule


January 14th Club Meeting

Club meeting for January will be the at 7:00pm at Lufkin BBQ.  Lots to talk about and look forward too. See you all there!

January 18th Club Tournament

Club tournament for January will be the 18th. Hosted on beautiful Sam Rayburn Reservoir. First cast will be 6:57am that morning. Weigh in will be at Monterrey boat ramp at 3:30pm. Let the 2020 season start..See you all at the scales!!

February 11th Club Meeting

Club meeting for February will be the 11th at 7:00pm, at Lufkin BBQ. Bring a guest, or a friend who may be interested in fishing club events this year. Also may be some information about the Thursday tournaments that will start in March. See y'all there.

February 15th Club Tournament

The February tournaments is a individual tournament and will be held on Pinkston Reservoir in Center, Texas. First cast will be 6:30am, weigh in will be held at the Ramp on the Dam. You must be at ramp at 3:30pm for weigh in. Pinkston is a slot reservoir so you may only keep either 4 fish under 14" and 1 fish over 21" or 5 fish under 14". Only one fish per person can be in the boat that is over 21" long. Good luck guys! 

March 10th Club Meeting

Club meeting for March will be the 10th at 7:00pm at Lufkin BBQ. Please attend if you can, as we will be voting lakes for the next 3 months tournaments. Also the Thursday tournaments will start this month so if you want more info please attend to get with Bill Ramsey or Danny Cross. 

March 14th Club Tournament

Club tournament for March will be the 14th, on Beautiful Sam Rayburn Reservoir. This one should be a slug fest. With water on a warming trend fish will surely be moving up and spawning. There should be fish in all spectrum's of the spawn caught. Some pre-spawn, spawn, and post spawners will more than likely show their faces at weigh in. First cast will be 5:59am, and weigh in will be at monterey boat ramp at 3:30pm. Good luck and bring some bigguns in!!